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The Neoregelia Mcwilliamii 6" is a full sun loving bromeliad that adds a vibrant contrast to any garden. It has a stunning neon lemony green colour that stands out against other foliage. This easy to maintain and low-maintenance bromeliad is perfect for those looking to add a unique and eye-catching pop of colour to their garden. With its bold and striking foliage, the Neoregelia Mcwilliamii 6" will be sure to brighten up any garden.

You will receive the plant BARE ROOT - cut at callus
Sun: Full Sun
Care Level: Easy
Watering: Minimal
Acclimation Period: October-April

Our Bromeliads are grown outdoors in all elements (wind, rain, sun) so please keep this in mind when purchasing, we do our absolute best to pick only the top bromeliads for our Etsy customers but no one bromeliad will be perfect. Blemishes are inevitable for all outdoor plants of any kind as it is a part of nature and should be expected for any plant purchased. These plants are alive and will visibly react to the different conditions they are placed in.

**DISCLAIMER: Before purchasing any plant please take into consideration the temperatures in your area and the states it may pass through to get to you as well as what temperatures the specific plant you are buying can handle. We are not responsible for any damage that occurs during shipping as we hand select all plants before they leave us and send them through a mandatory inspection to ensure we are only sending out our highest quality plants. It is also important to remember that any significant change in temperature to the plant is stressful and can cause them to shed leaves or alter the state of the plant upon arrival. All plants should get unpacked ASAP, given a generous watering and let to rest and adapt to their new environment. We DO NOT recommend repotting nay plants received until two weeks after delivery as it can cause severe stress on the plant that can sometimes result in the death of the plant which we are not responsible for. Please take all of this into consideration before purchasing as we do NOT do any refunds, returns or exchanges. Buyer must take full responsibility if using First Class Mail for delivery, we cannot honor claims or make replacements on orders mailed by First Class Mail. We cannot guarantee against cold damage please check your weather forecast before ordering. We do wrap well in paper and/or plastic for winter delivery and we offer heat packs that you will find in our listings for added protection. Please make sure the heat pack is in your shopping cart before you check out. Due to the slowdown in shipping and holidays along with the dangers of shipping in the winter we cannot accept returns or offer replacements or make refunds on plants shipped during the winter. We cannot hold orders after we've received them, products move quickly through our garden center. If you do not want it shipped during our normal processing times, please wait to purchase and keep weather, holidays and weekends in mind. We cannot be held accountable for specific shipping days. Items ship at our discretion.

Neoregelia 'Mcwilliamsii' Pup

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Full sun aechmea. In our climate it grows beautifully and maintains a strong red color, even when grown in shade. When planting in soil make sure that you don't plant them too deep as this can cause the plant to die. It is important not to overwater these plants. As most of the moisture and nutrition the plant receives is from the base of the leaves, in the leaf well, it is important to make sure that this well is kept topped up.The soil around should also dry to damp, soil that is too moist will cause the plant to rot.

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