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The Neoregelia Mcwilliamii 6" is a full sun loving bromeliad that adds a vibrant contrast to any garden. It has a stunning neon lemony green colour that stands out against other foliage. This easy to maintain and low-maintenance bromeliad is perfect for those looking to add a unique and eye-catching pop of colour to their garden. With its bold and striking foliage, the Neoregelia Mcwilliamii 6" will be sure to brighten up any garden.

Plant will be not in bloom.

If being shipped it will be without dirt and only roots.

if for pickup or local delivery it will be as is in its pot.

Neoregelia Mcwilliamii 6"

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Full sun aechmea. In our climate it grows beautifully and maintains a strong red color, even when grown in shade. When planting in soil make sure that you don't plant them too deep as this can cause the plant to die. It is important not to overwater these plants. As most of the moisture and nutrition the plant receives is from the base of the leaves, in the leaf well, it is important to make sure that this well is kept topped up.The soil around should also dry to damp, soil that is too moist will cause the plant to rot.

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