At Blooming Freedom we take pride in our landscape design work because we love working closely with unique & rare species of bromeliads to set ourselves apart from other companies. Our landscape design team will work creatively to the best of our ability to fulfill any and every landscape need you may have.



At Blooming Freedom, we think it’s important to engage our clients throughout the entire design process. 

During the design process we first set up a consult to come and evaluate each customer’s personal vision.

We then evaluate every aspect of the terrain to  determine what plants will work best in what areas   based on sunlight, irrigation, and other factors.

Removal & installation


If removal is necessary, don't worry! Our team will come in and take care of the dirty work! 

Next comes installation. As we turn your vision to a reality, watch our experts work to strategically place and transform your landscape into a work of art.



Once installed, although bromeliads are a low maintenance plant, landscapes must be maintained.

Our three month maintenance plan ensures your plants get the care and attention they need including: cleanup, trimming, weeding, fertilizing, re-mulching, etc.  With a simple upkeep routine, we can keep your landscape looking beautiful & brand new.

Our 45-Day Limited Warranty on New Installs


All new installations include a 45-Day Limited Warranty with one free maintenance. During this 45-Day period, any plants that have damage or need to be replaced will be done at no charge as long as we feel the plants have not been killed or damaged due to weed killer, over fertilizing, overwatering, pesticides, etc. This conclusion is drawn at our discretion and decided by our educated professionals.

Hover over images below to view these landscapes before our installations!