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Next Event: October 15, 2022



Apply for a Spot at our Next Market Event

Blooming Freedom Inc. values each vendor that participates and shows interest in our market events. As a local business, we know how important it is to have the opportunity to share your passion with others.

We want to help.

Some Things to Consider



Blooming Freedom is unable to supply wifi connections to its vendors during the market.


Although we are a curated one of a kind market, we have grown substantially and are welcoming a variety of vendors. We ask everyone to be open minded about having a few spaces in each area of specialty. If you like to be the solo vendor in your expertise, this market may not be for you

Stay Updated

Vendor Set Up

We do things a little different around here. Our set up and break down times are tediously planned based on many aspects of the market and vendors alike. You will have a chance to choose your arrival time at a first come first serve basis once approved. Please note these times may not be guaranteed.


Another fact

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