Event date & time:
April 9th 10am-3pm

3993 SW Leighton Farms Ave Palm City, FL 34990




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Hi there! Linda & Kianna here!

Thank you for your interest in the Blooming Freedom Market. We have had two successful markets so far and plan to keep up the momentum with four specialty markets a year! We pride ourselves on curating an open and honest carefully curated market unlike any other. Blooming Freedom has been in business for 25 years and is well known throughout our community. With that being said, we tend to do things a little different around here! We put a lot of thought into the planning, layout, promotional, vendor and organizational aspects of the markets.

Some things you may want to note before applying for our markets:

-For Setup and breakdown times we uphold a strict timeline for the vendors. When we plan the layouts we keep many things in mind such as travel times for certain vendors, trailer access, electrical needs etc. We put this into place to keep a smooth transition for setup and to get everyone out in the best timely manner as possible. We ask that everyone understands if they are approved that they understand the terms of our choice of setup & breakdown and abides by them. Arriving before or after your time slot causes other vendors to fall behind for their setup as well. Retrieving your vehicle without being released by a staff member will result in being placed in the holding parking area.


-Vendors are responsible for providing their own items to stage their space such as a 10x10 tent, tables, and chairs.

-The market will be on gravel, tent weights are required. Stakes are not permitted.

-Food and beverage vendors please provide permits along with this contract.

-10x10 spaces are $65, tent is required

-Mini/Indoor Space $50, 6' table only permitted

-Food vendors/trailers $75

-There is no sharing of a booth. The only people allowed to sell or display in your area are those whose names are shown in the contract.

-Tear down will not start until the end of the event 3pm


This event is rain or shine

Blooming Freedom reserves the right to cancel the event for economic reasons, or events including , but not limited to flood, fire, natural disaster, tropical storm, hurricane, etc. vendors will be refunded.

-Participation in the Blooming Freedom Holiday Market is solely at your own risk. By agreeing to this Vendor contract, the vendor, its owners, and employees, understand and hereby release Blooming Freedom, from any and all liability or responsibility to include but not be limited to, personal injury, property damage, loss, theft, and vandalism. The vendor fee is non-refundable.



Please be on the lookout for an additional email for setup and break down time slots. We will be sure to let you know once it's sent out.

Tear down will not start till 2pm

Vendors are required to leave their space the same as when they arrived. A fee will be applied if a vendor's space is not properly cleaned. Trash cans will be accessible throughout the market.


Unlike other markets, BF is privately owned and operated, located on 5 acres of land. When we had a vision of creating a carefully crafted market we knew it would be a ton of work. Market prep for us begins the week before for our team on site, making sure all sites are marked, leveled, safety measures taken and prep work for the parking. This includes collab work with the neighboring church grounds that have graciously  allowed us to utilize their 5 acres for parking. If you have been a part of one of our markets then you know that about 80% of the BF staff is on parking duty for the remainder of the market to help ease the parking to get the customers to you! We are also firm believers in putting the majority of the funds right back into promotional purposes! It WORKS, and is why we have been so successful in bringing in over 3k people to our last market!

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I understand that by completing this application that it does not guarantee a space in the BF Market. Upon review, we will reach out to you within 5 business days with a decision. Blooming Freedom reserves the right to deny any vendor for any reason.


Blooming Freedom will be open for regular business between 8am - 4pm. The market will take place between 10am-3pm.

The vendor fee is non-refundable under any circumstances, due to the promotional aspects once youve been approved.

Thanks for submitting!